HT25 / TA25

This unit is quite simply the most technically advanced tabletop tabbing system available today. It can apply tabs to the top and side of a mail piece simultaneously. Even more impressive, it can apply tabs on opposite sides of the same piece in a single pass!

  • Tabs at speeds up to 25,000 single tabs per hour and up to 15,000 double tabs per hour which reduces labor costs
  • Simultaneously applies tabs to the side and leading edge of a mail piece which eliminates the need to run the piece through the machine twice reducing labor cost
  • Applies clear, translucent or paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes allowing user to select the right tab for the job
  • Accepts media up to ¼” thick providing flexibility in the pieces which can be automatically tabbed
  • Handles media pieces ranging from 3.5” x 5” to as large as 15” x 11” increasing the number of jobs that can be automated
  • Applies USPS stamps giving mail a more personalized image
  • Heavy duty metal construction ensures the longevity of this tabber