Mail accounting is easy with this fully-integrated software solution.  It’s “touch screen” technology improves efficiency and productivity for all mail accounting transactions.

  • Ability to integrate to Hasler / Neopost mailing equipment and to chargeback postage with unlimited accounts
  • Work ahead feature allows user to stage mail for the second department while the first department is being processed improving productivity
  • Three tier accounting available allows user to link up to three levels of accounting data to the same cost center
  • Over 170 reports standard provides accurate analysis of annual and monthly expenditures for mailing and shipping costs eliminating the need to create custom reports
  • Ability to control the mailing machine right from the PC eliminates the need to use multiple keyboards for data entry increasing the machines throughput
  • Electronic certified / return receipt allows user to save money over standard certified / return receipt
  • Multiple carriers allow user to process small packages and choose the best transportation option from a single system
  • Reduces shipping cost with “Ship Shop” providing user with calendar based pictures of delivery dates and rates.
  • Address correction and validation services reduce and eliminate carrier fees and penalties
  • Software Care™ automatically updates your system with the newest features and rate changes this ensures optimum performance and carrier compliance