DF 755

This folder is convenient, easy to use and designed for the budget conscious. Featuring the same performance and reliability as Duplo’s automatic models, it is compact and affordable in price.

  • Folds up to 7,200 sheets of paper per hour which reduces labor costs
  • Folds paper weight from 13 - 80lbs which provides flexibility in the types of documents that can be automated
  • Folds paper ranging in lengths from 7” - 17” and widths from 5” – 11” increasing the number of jobs that can be automated
  • Fold types: letter, single, double parallel, accordion, half fold and brochure fold which allows the operator to choose the best fold to suit their needs
  • Cross folding capability allows additional folds in a second pass for large documents and newsletters eliminating the need to fold it manually
  • Feed hopper holds up to 500 sheets of paper allowing greater throughput and maximum productivity
  • Built in conveyor stacker holds up to 500 finished pieces increasing the throughput
  • 4 Digit LCD counter eliminates the need to manually count documents
  • Heavy duty metal construction ensures the longevity of this folder