Kewill’s shipping solutions ensures shipments arrive on time, cost effective and visible through connectivity.

  • Multiple carrier solutions software for small package and LTL shipments allows the shipper to choose the best transportation option from a single system
  • Offers solutions for both domestic and international shippers who require high performance with high volumes.
  • Compliant with all major carriers which eliminates the need for multiple systems
  • Automatically generates international documents and labels which eliminates that manual process
  • Integrates to most popular ERP systems or your own in-house applications, this allows users to see real time shipping information
  • Integration allows for automation of all your shipping processes seamlessly to your existing applications which can allow for “1 click shipping” reducing manual data entry
  • An intuitive single user interface that simplifies the process of managing and shipping with multiple carriers, saving organizations time and money on training users
  • Embeds your business rules through integration, avoiding costly errors
  • Reduces shipping cost with automatic rate-shop comparisons
  • Easy to maintain carrier compliance through rate change application