KIP 9900 System

Sets the new standard for top quality high demand printing of technical documents!  The system delivers nonstop production levels with razor sharp line detail, superior half tones and smooth gradients while reducing operational and ownership costs.

  • 22 ‘D’, A1 size sheets per minute for quick turnarounds times without sacrificing quality.
  • Ultra-fast file processing and conversion time allows you to print and scan large files without slowing the system down.
  • Network and web-based printing software with integrated image viewing allows you to print to the system just like a network printer or you can print from your web browser without the need to add a network driver.  This enables nonusers to print with all the same system functionality as if they had the system driver loaded on their PC.
  • Up to 4 media rolls to reduce time of having to change paper sizes
  • AutoCAD® and Microsoft® Certified application drivers
  • Single & dual foot print system with expandable stacking options takes up less office space and allows you to do longer runs while keeping your drawings organized.
  • Available as a digital copier, network printer and monochrome / color scanning system eliminates the need for multiple systems.
  • Expand capabilities instantly with software key codes to allow you to upgrade the system without having to replace the entire system.
  • True 600 x 1800 dpi copy, print and scan resolution produces clear and crisp drawings every time.
  • Advanced grayscale and fine line image enhancement ensures that images are realistically rendered with accurate grayscales to satisfy the most exacting quality standards.
  • Closed-loop color calibration system ensures copy accuracy
  • Color documents are easily scanned into digital files allowing you to share documents without having to copy multiple sets of drawings.
  • Create copy sets from unlimited number of originals.  Allows user to scan multiple pages in the order you want them to be printed for complete sets, eliminating the need for hand collating.
  • When connected to a network, the system automatically prints to a color inkjet plotter.  This eliminates saving the document to a file on a computer and then printing.