Postal Scales

You can weigh virtually any envelope or package in your office with ease

Integrated weighing platforms

  • Capacities include 5lbs., 10lbs., 30lbs., and 70lbs.
  • Accurate to 1/64 oz ensuring you do not overpay
  • For a stack of envelopes, optional Differential Weighing will automatically calculate postage piece by piece making the process faster and easier.

Dynamic Scale
Add a Dynamic Scale to your system and never again waste time sorting mail by size, thickness, or weight.

  • Simply select the mail class, place your mail on the feed tray and the Dynamic Scale weighs and rates up to 120 letters per minute
  • Thickness up to 1/2" eliminating the use of postage tapes
  • Length, width and thickness sensors insures the proper postage is applied
  • 35 oz. maximum weight capacity
  • Modular design allows for future upgrades
  • Batch-in-motion mode: looks at first item, then goes to full speed
  • Self-aligning feed system eliminates skewing