Hamilton Sorter Sort Modules

A reliable flow of information starts with the storage system. Our well designed sort module increases the accuracy and speed at which information flows.

  • Adjustable shelves on 1” increments allows user to adjust shelf openings as storage demands change
  • Full depth shelf supports enable quick adjustments
  • Full width color coded indexing with lens covers gives a large description area which increases accuracy that won’t get dirty or peel off
  • Indexing strips are updated using Microsoft Word which creates a professional appearance
  • Flexible polyethylene shelves support 35lbs of weight without scratching, denting or rusting
  • Laminate shelves support 50lbs of weight allowing user to store large amounts of documents on a single shelf
  • 3 different shelf sizes allows the system to be customized to users needs 
  • 1’ or 5/8” thick 50lb. industrial grade sub-straight ensures the integrity of the sorter
  • Pin cam system safely secures the sort module to the console and allows the units to be easily adjusted or reconfigured.
  • Life-time warranty