This folder sealer is the world’s fastest having the capability of processing up to 40,000 documents per hour.

  • Processes up to 40,000 forms per hour which reduces labor costs
  • Air feeder holds up to 7000 forms which increases throughput and increases productivity
  • Seals paper weights from 24 – 110 lbs which provides flexibility in the types of documents that can be automated.
  • Folds and seals forms with widths from 6” – 12” and maximum depths of 22” providing a wide range of choices in the types of forms to be sealed.
  • Fold types: Z-fold, V-fold or C-fold, double parallel and eccentric Z-fold which allows the operator to choose the fold that best suits their needs
  • Document counter allows operator to verify the number of documents processed
  • Conveyor stacker with sensor increases throughput
  • Heavy duty metal construction ensures the longevity of this  sealer