Triumph 6550 Cutter

This automatic programmable cutter is world renowned for the power, precision, ease of operation and is the best choice for users who need the ability to cut wider paper.

  • SCS® (Safety Cutting System) ensures the equipment is operating safely reducing the risk of injury.
  • Cutting width of 25 1/2” provides flexibility in types of documents which can be handled
  • 3” cutting height increases productivity
  • Electric blade, clamps, and back gauge drive reduces user fatigue while increasing productivity
  • Automatic blade return from every position and automatic clamp return from every position increases throughput
  • Automatic clamp is guided on both sides to apply even pressure along entire cutting width to ensure an even cut
  • Bright, LED optical cutting line ensures that cuts are accurate
  • High storage capacity that stores 99 programs (up to 99 steps each) and frequently used measurements increases productivity while decreasing user errors for your most commonly run jobs
  • Digital measurement read out in centimeters or inches (accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch) adjusts to the users preference
  • Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display lets users know why machine is not functioning
  • All-metal construction increases the durability and reliability