DCS / Print Machine Software

Clear, accurate and professional communications to customers, suppliers and employees is a fundamental principle of any successful business. This solution automates and streamlines your entire mail output process from document creation, to sorting, to folding/inserting and mailing all while offering you dramatic savings in postage and resources labor costs.

  • Through the design tool the software has the ability to add logos, specific messages and dynamically integrate graphics allowing for true 1 to 1 marketing
  • Wizard based interface makes document preparation easy which improves efficiency
  • User is able to group and sort documents intended for the same recipient reducing postage and envelope costs
  • CASS™ and PAVE™ certified software reduces postage expense through automation discounts
  • Prints OMR marks on the mail piece which insures the integrity of the document and eliminates the manual process of inserting by hand
  • The software automatically distributes documents via mail, e-mail, fax and web enabling you to communicate with clients based on their preferred method
  • Digital copies are prepared for easy electronic archiving
  • Simple integration allows the software to be easily installed and implemented into your current document processing environment requiring little, if any, IT support