Mailroom Toolkit Architect

Address correction and postal presorting for your database, website or application is made easy. This software works with nearly any application that collects, stores or uses address data.

  • Enter address with fewer keystrokes, such as street address and zip code software will determine the full address reducing data entry time while ensuring the information is correct
  • CASS™ certified software validates the address at point of entry, website, call center or CRM verifying that it is deliverable and ensures that abbreviations are correct which reduces mailing and shipping expenses
  • USPS PAVE™  certified software allows user to sort the address list for the lowest possible postal rates and then generates all required USPS documentation, reports and postal statements
  • Certified and real time NCOA Link®  ensures real time move updates against a full 48 month data set ensuring that address lists are updated before mail is sent
  • Plug Architect directly into your website for real time address validation
  • Surprisingly little code needs to be written in order to use the full features available saving valuable IT resources