Bulk Mailer

Powerfully advanced mailing software enables you to prepare USPSR compliant mailings faster and easier increasing deliverability at the lowest postage rates.

  • Innovative graphical interface divides mail preparation into a series of wizard-based tasks for risk free processing
  • Import and Export in today’s most popular formats comma or tab delimited, fixed length, dBase, XML, Microsoft  Access and Excel allows end user to work with a wide variety of files without  a hassle
  • CASS Certified for address correction standardizes abbreviations and address formats corrects the spelling of streets and cities then verifies deliverability ensuring the address meets  USPS standards
  • Duplication search wizard offers multiple search options and field combinations for precise results
  • USPS PAVE™ certified Mail Sort Wizard allows the novice to the seasoned expert to sort the address list for the lowest possible postal rates and then generates all required USPS documentation, reports and postal statements
  • Certified and real time NCOA Link® ensures real time move updates against a full 48 month data set  ensuring that address lists are updated before mail is sent
  • State-of-the-Art printing controls provide built in support for model specific features  eliminating the need to manually program your printer
  • Job builder available with Bulk Mailer Professional  and Business allows user to combine a series of template-based tasks into a complete mailing job increasing productivity