Omation 306

The Omation 306 sets a new standard for high volume mail opening.  It is the world’s fastest, most robust, and most efficient Envelopener.

• Processes up to 600 letters per minute
• Opens up to ½” maximum thickness
• Unique milling cutter protects contents prevents paper cuts and
  minimizes waste
• Operator can select up to eight different cut positions which
  allows the machine to process envelopes from paper to
• Opens small envelopes up to 9 x 12
• Digital counter allows operator to count pieces while opening
• Three mail tray holders
• Built in conveyor stacker
• Optional High speed Inkjet printer allows you to print up to 4 lines
  of customizable print
• Optional Sorter allows operator to sort mail by thickness, height,
  or length
• Optional stats printer monitors operator performance