Lineage is one of the largest independently owned office equipment companies in the United States.  As a “Family” owned company we realize that one of the cornerstones to our offering in each marketplace is the value that our people bring.  Lineage employs over 100 people in various capacities to help support our customers and our business.  Our staff is focused into 3 primary area’s;  Outside sales, Field Service Technicians, and Administration.   We offer several programs to our employees that focus on our customers and the companies well-being.  If you are interested in employment in our organization, please check with the appropriate office on any open positions we may currently have.  Maybe you can be part of our “Lineage”.

Please send your resume to the following e-mail address:


Kansas City:

Little Rock & Fayetteville:

Buffalo & Rochester :


1. Go to the testing site at  
2. Please take ONLY the following tests:
a. Personality Profile *
b. Sales Aptitude  
3. When the test opens, the first blank asks you to submit an
   Authorization Code.
   Please enter B for the Auth code and for the BM# enter the code
   we gave you. Be sure to type in both correctly.
*Attention, only take the marked tests above. The results will not be
 sent to you.
 We will follow up with you after we receive the results.
Thank you,